Welcome to our wedding pictures.  To see the pictures done by Dennis McDonough (whom we recommend), go to his website, click on "Order Photos," select our names, and type in the password "KBAB" (our initials).

The rest of the pictures were taken by others attending the wedding. 

First up, Andy's sister-in-law Joy's pictures.  I've split them up into categories based on when the picture was taken.  If you're looking for a specific pose or combination of people but don't want to hunt for it, let us know and we can find it for you.

Heritage Center

Hisa from Millersville sent us his pictures from the Reception: Hisa's Pictures

If you'd like a picture in a larger size, let us know and we can email you the original image.

Do you have pictures of our wedding?  Would you like us to post them?  Send us an email at AKBaxter (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or post them elsewhere online and we will add a link to them.